Two Years in Business No Longer Required for Spark Commitment to Quality

March 28, 2018

Oregon’s Quality Rating and Improvement System, Spark, has eliminated the 2 years in business requirement for child care/youth programs to participate.  In order to begin participating in Spark and receive a Commitment to Quality (C2Q) designation, programs will need to be licensed with the Oregon Early Learning Division/Office of Child Care, complete an application, and meet the compliance requirements.  Currently, those compliance requirements are that programs have no more than 2 valid findings of a serious nature, as defined by the Office of Child Care, within the past 24 months and no civil penalties in the past 12 months. If programs exceed this threshold after receiving their C2Q designation, it will be revoked until compliance is reached.

Eliminating the 2 years in business requirement will give more programs the opportunity to make quality improvements that align with Oregon’s Spark. They will be able to receive support funds and apply to receive a quality or “star” rating without a waiting period. Increased participation by programs will enable more of Oregon’s children to have access to higher quality care and will help to elevate and recognize the quality and professionalism in the early childhood field.

The application form will be modified to reflect this change but old forms will continue to be accepted. For more information on participating, contact your local CCR&R or call the QRIS Helpline at 877-768-8290.  We look forward to welcoming more programs into Spark!