Free 1-Credit ECE Class

July 10, 2020

ECE 187: Cooking Experiences for Young Children

Course description: Explores cooking with young children to help them learn language and literacy, math, science, cooperation, and healthy eating habits. Introduces ways to create and share cooking experiences with young children in a way that maximizes child participation and developmental opportunities and minimizes the potential for chaos. Audit available. 

Course Outcomes:

  1. Identify elements of quality cooking experiences for young children.
  2. Articulate the role of cooking in the acquisition of skills and concepts across all developmental domains.
  3. Design, implement and evaluate cooking experiences for children of varying ages (2 years to school age) and abilities.
  4. Identify solutions to common barriers and issues that arise when cooking with children.
  5. Describe the ways in which cooking with children can be a component of cultural validation and building relationships with families.

Class starts: July 20th, 2020

Class ends: August 30th, 2020


  1. Must be a Step 3 or above on the Oregon Registry (ORO).
  2. Students must complete and submit a Child Care Partners Scholarship Application to Once your application is approved you will be able to register for the class.
  3. Scholarships will be awarded to those currently working with children. Due to the pandemic we will also accept applications from programs that are temporarily closed.
  4. All students MUST complete all 6 weekly modules.
  5. Students awarded scholarships will be required to share Project 1 and 2 with Child Care Partners. 
  6. All requirements must be met for students to receive the course for FREE. If any of the requirements are not completed, the student must cover the cost of the course and the fees.

Also: To be eligible for the Cooking Kit raffle, students must share one of their projects on Child Care Partners’ Facebook page. More information to come!

Have any questions? Please call us at 541-506-6131 or email at