Are You Renewing Your First Aid and CPR?

March 26, 2012

Registered and Certified Family Child Care Providers who are renewing their current child care license will be able to take Infant/Toddler CPR and First Aid classes for FREE!  As a result of negotiations between the Child Care Division and the AFSCME union, these two classes will be available to license renewing providers at no charge.

This benefit only applies to Registered and Certified Family Child Care Providers and not to their staff.  It is currently not available to Certified Child Care Centers.

To be able to take First Aid and CPR at no charge, providers must contact Child Care Partners with information about what class they plan to attend.  Classes are paid for by Child Care Partners.  This means if you are signing up for a class at Columbia Gorge Community College, Child Care Partners will need to complete the paperwork to allow you to register for the class without payment.  If you are taking the class from Mary Hodges, you will need to call Child Care Partners to let them know when.  Child Care Partners will also need your CCD license number and your expiration date.

This is a wonderful benefit for these providers. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Child Care Partners at 541-506-6131 or email us at