Career and Technical Education Department Frequently Asked Questions

Do all CAS/OS classes use Moodle (our learner management system)?

Almost all CAS/OS classes use Moodle for some of their course content, even though they may be Face to Face (f2f), Hybrid (HB) or Online (OL). To access Moodle login to MyCGCC, set up an account and find the course for the term you are in.

Is there tutoring available for staff and students in MS Office 2013 software?

Yes, the Computer Applications department offers both 'face 2 face' (f2f) and 'online' (OL) tutoring in all MS Office Software and other software if needed for both staff and students. Go to CGCC's current term tutoring schedule for information. Both f2f and OL tutoring instructors will need students and staff to contact them to set up tutoring sessions.

My financial aid hasn't come through, I don't have my book yet, what do I do? I ordered my book and it hasn't come in, what do I do?

Let your instructor know and start your work using any resources your instructor gives you. Some courses may have a textbook on reserve in the CGCC library.

What book do I need to use for my CAS/OS Class?

The book that will be used for your CAS/OS class will be listed in the course syllabus. Please be sure you check the ISBN number as all course assignments are specific to the book listed in the syllabus. If you don't own the software, all the computers at both The Dalles (TD) and Hood River (HR) campus will have the software on them.

What version of software do I need to use for CAS/OS classes?

For the 2014 - 15 school year all CAS courses will be taught using MS Office 2013 software. You can purchase a student version from the CGCC bookstore or you can purchase MS Office 2013 from Google sources. Another option is to purchase Microsoft Office 365 University version which is a four year subscription with the software for all CAS Classes included. The library also has Microsoft Office 2013 on all of their computers.