Changes to CGCC Bookstore Hours


Rose Kelly
Communty Education and Customized Training Coordinator, (541) 506-6063

April 19, 2018

Important changes under way at CGCC Bookstore

There are some exciting changes happening at CGCC this year and that includes the bookstore. In 2010 the bookstore expanded from a one room storage closet to a retail store to provide textbooks, art supplies, apparel, office supplies and sundries for our students and staff. In those days students had very little options when it came to buying textbooks. Most of the textbooks that were adopted for classes were new. The College contracted with an outside buyer for book buy back, but students only got  pennies on the dollar, one of the first changes we made was to start buying books back from students who had purchased from us and giving them roughly fifty percent back.

OER benefits students

In 2012 Paula Ascher, then Distance Learning, Instructional Technology and Quality Matters Coordinator, Brian Greene who was Chief Librarian at the time, and Rose Kelly, Bookstore Manager started an Open Textbook committee to try to find free or low cost textbooks for our instructors to adopt. This committee really took off when our current Director of Library Services, John Schoppert, came on board and spearheaded this project. As a result of John’s hard work and our great faculty’s tireless efforts, CGCC is a leader in the state in Open Educational Resource (OER) and low cost books. As of winter term 2018, CGCC has had 5810 students enrolled in OER classes over the years, with $826,000.00 saved in textbook costs! As CGCC continues to make the transition from expensive publisher textbooks to low cost or OER books, the bookstore is adapting to stay current.

Impact on CGCC Bookstore

OER’s aren’t the only change, now students also have other choices such as Amazon, Chegg, and selling deeply discounted textbooks. Students have many options now which is exactly what we want, to put our students first and keep their textbook costs as low as possible. However this does have an impact on the bookstore as we are self-supporting.

Reduced hours

CGCC bookstore has paid for its operation costs in prior years, but as sales decline we need to adopt new strategies. The first will be to reduce our hours. We will continue to be open extended hours at the beginning of the each term, however, after the first two weeks of the term we are going to four hours a day from 10 am to 2 pm, Monday through Thursday. Please note that if students, staff, or community members can’t come during those hours all they need to do is call the bookstore at (541) 506-6061 or email us at to set up a more convenient time.

In the near future

The second change we are making is to rearrange the store. We are going to add a comfortable seating area, and there will be a computer available for students to look up and print their schedule if needed. Students will then go to a station where they will give their class information to the Bookstore Specialist, who will then get their books for them. Next they will move to the cashier’s station to pay. Also, in the near future, we will be transitioning to a new student information system; once it is in place, students will be able to register, find the textbooks required, order and pay for them online using a credit/debit card or financial aid (if applicable). Then all they have to do is stop in The Dalles Bookstore, or the front desk in Hood River to pick them up, or for a small fee to cover postage, can have the books shipped directly to them.

Please note, even though we are changing things up we are dedicated to serving the academic needs of the students, instructors, staff and the community. The bookstore appreciates all your support and we welcome any feedback or ideas you may have.