National Quality Recognition of Three CGCC Online Classes

December 10, 2012

Congratulations to Leigh Hancock and Kristen Kane for receiving national Quality Matters (QM) recognition for distance learning course design.The courses reviewed will be noted in upcoming schedules of classes with the QM logo.

Also, congratulations to Linda Hughitt, Zip Krummel and Grace Windsheimer for completing master reviewer certification and to Katie Sullivan and Gretchen Gebhardt for completing peer reviewer certification.

The following teams, led by master reviewers, completed this project:

ENG 260 Women Writters -Leigh Hancock (Instructor Developer), Linda Hughitt (Master Reviewer), Andrea Ware (Subject Matter Expert), Tina Hovekamp - Central Oregon Community College (External Reviewer)

PSY 202A - Kristen Kane (Instructor Developer), Zip Krummel (Master Reviewer and Subject Matter Expert), Katie Sullivan (Peer Reviewer), David Wickes - University of Western States (External Reviewer)

CG 111A- Kristen Kane (Instructor Developer), Grace Windsheimer (Master Reviewer), Gretchen Gebhardt (Peer Reviewer), Suzanne Atkin - Portland Community College (Subject Matter Expert and External Reviewer)

Thank you to all of the team members for your work in promoting high quality standards in distance learning at CGCC.