Distance Learning Quality Assessment


Assessment measures both the delivery and the design of online and hybrid classes.


Online and hybrid instructors are required to:

  1. Evaluate and return graded assignments in a timely manner and provide feedback on assignment to facilitate student preparation of future assignments.
  2. Describe the evaluation process, including how assignments are scored and final grades determined.
  3. Maintain a list of active resources and links to appropriate online resources within the course shell.
  4. Keep a record of all graded activities in a secure, private, and accurate manner.
  5. Respond in a timely manner to questions regarding the course or learning materials:
    1. within a 48-hour period on weekdays
    2. daily during the first week of the term.
  6. Provide and facilitate a forum for student questions.
  7. Design learning activities that promote CGCC core learning outcomes.
  8. Where appropriate, encourage student-student collaboration and interaction.
  9. Faculty who teach online classes are required to have regular and substantive interaction (RSI) with students within the learning management system and to provide RSI documentation in the form of a hidden page within the course shell.

Delivery Assessment Process

  1. The Distance Learning Quality Assessment Committee will meet each year to review online and hybrid classes.
  2. Committee members will:
    1. use the Distance Learning Classroom Observation Form to complete the reviews,
    2. send completed reports to the instructor, and
    3. be available for consultation and questions.
  3. Instructors may request specific courses for review in advance of the assessment process.

Delivery Assessment Resources


  1. Before the first term course is offered Quality Matters (QM) standards will be used as a design tool in the development of distance learning classes. All distance learning classes will be evaluated using the Quality Matters standards by the Distance Learning and Instructional Technology Coordinator (DLITC) before the class is delivered.  
  2. Instructors are encouraged to take Quality Matters training.
  3. Each course will be evaluated every three years by a QM peer reviewer. The instructor may ask for a formal evaluation by a team of three faculty peer reviewers per QM review standards. A successful formal review results in a nationally publicized QM recognition of a quality course and use of the QM logo in the college schedule.

Design Assessment Process

Every fall term, three person panel teams will be organized for online or hybrid instructors who wish their course to be formally evaluated using QM procedures. In winter term, internal QM reviews will be conducted for instructors who are due for their three year course design review.

Design Assessment Resources

Distance Learning Quality Assessment Committee Members

Namesort descending Title Email Phone
Paula Ascher Paula Ascher Virtual Campus Coordinator pascher@cgcc.edu (541) 506-6035
Leslie Berry Leslie Berry Anthropology Instructor lberry@cgcc.edu
Leigh Hancock Headshot Leigh Hancock Writing Instructor lhancock@cgcc.edu
Dr. M. J. (Zip) Krummel M. J. (Zip) Krummel Psychology Instructor zkrummel@cgcc.edu (541) 308-8217
Stephen Shwiff Stephen Shwiff History & Business Administration Instructor, Department Chair, Career and Technical Education Department, Co-Chair, Instructional Council sshwiff@cgcc.edu
Andrea Ware Computer Applications/Office Systems Instructor / Writing & Literature aware@cgcc.edu