Distance Learning Quality Assessment


The Distance Learning Quality Assessment Committee evaluates the delivery and design of hybrid and online classes in a way that gives instructors support to improve the quality of distance learning for CGCC students.




1. Identifies and provides a clear way for students to ask questions to the instructor.

2. States in the syllabus that there will be a response within a 24-hour period during weekdays to questions regarding the course or learning materials.

3. Maintains active links to online resources within the course shell.

4. Evaluates and returns graded assignments in a timely manner (as defined in the syllabus) and provides substantive feedback.

5. Keeps a record of all graded activities in the Moodle gradebook. 

6. Has regular and substantive interaction (RSI) with students within Moodle.

7. Provides RSI documentation as a hidden page at the top of the Moodle shell.

Delivery Assessment Process

  1. The Distance Learning Quality Assessment Committee will meet to review and refine the quality assessment process in online and hybrid classes.

  2. At the end of each quarter committee members will:

    1. use the Online Hybrid Delivery Review Form to complete the reviews,

    2. send completed reports to the instructor, and

    3. be available for consultation and questions.

  3. Instructors, department chairs, and the VP of Instructional Services may request specific courses for review in advance of the assessment process.

  4. If a course meets delivery standards, it will not be reviewed again for 2 years.

  5. If the course does not meet delivery standards, the committee member will do another review the next time the instructor teaches the class.

  6. If the course does not meet delivery standards for a second time, the committee member with contact the department chair and dean of the faculty member, forwarding the emails and completed reviews.

Delivery Assessment Resources



CGCC uses a custom rubric of Quality Matters (QM) for internal reviews and the latest edition of the official QM rubric for formal reviews.

Design Assessment Process

  1. Faculty contracts for developing online and hybrid classes are proposed by Department Chairs or Instructional Deans, and signed by the Virtual Campus Coordinator (VCC) and Vice President of Instructional Services.

  2. Before the first term that an online or hybrid course is offered, it is evaluated by the VCC using the CGCC QM rubric. If the course does not meet standards, the VCC will inform the department chair and dean. Unless the course meets standards, it may not be offered as an online or hybrid class.

  3. Instructors are encouraged to take Quality Matters training. If interested, they should contact the VCC.

  4. Each course will be evaluated every three years by a QM peer reviewer in winter term. The results will be shared with the department chair. If the course does not meet standards by the eighth week of spring term, the instructor may not teach it as an online or hybrid class.

  5. The instructor may ask for a formal evaluation by a team of three reviewers per QM procedures. A successful formal review results in QM recognition in the schedule of classes and the instructor may place the QM logo on their course.

Design Assessment Resources

Distance Learning Quality Assessment Committee Members

Namesort descending Title Email Phone
Leslie Berry Leslie Berry Anthropology Instructor lberry@cgcc.edu
Leigh Hancock Headshot Leigh Hancock Writing Department Chair, Writing Instructor lhancock@cgcc.edu
Kristen Kane Kristen Kane Academic Assessment Coordinator, Psychology Instructor kkane@cgcc.edu (541) 506-6036
Dr. M. J. (Zip) Krummel M. J. (Zip) Krummel Social Science Department Chair, Psychology Instructor zkrummel@cgcc.edu (541) 308-8217
Andrea LoMonaco Computer Applications/Office Systems Instructor / Writing & Literature alomonaco@cgcc.edu
Stephen Shwiff Stephen Shwiff Business & Entrepreneurship Instructor, History Instructor sshwiff@cgcc.edu