GBPA Children on Campus


Tria Bullard
Director of Board and Executive Services, (541) 506-6103

Board Policy Code: GBPA
Adopted: 06/12/91

The college reserves the right to ask any person to leave the premises at any time.

Children age 14 or under will not be allowed on campus or in any facility used by the college, unless they are enrolled in a college class, studying for that class, or under the direct control and supervision of an adult.

Children age 14 or under may not sit in classes for which they are not registered unless they are granted permission by the instructor.  Permission will normally be granted only if the child is directly supervised by his/her parent or guardian (who must be registered in the class) and is not disturbing the instructor or other students.

Staff members may not supervise dependent children, on the job, during their regular working hours.

Legal Reference(s):
ORS 341
.290 (2)