50.B - Budget Committee


Tria Bullard
Director of Board and Executive Services
tbullard@cgcc.edu, (541) 506-6103

Board Policy Code: 50.B
Adopted: 06/10/14
Revised/Readopted: Combined into one policy 06/10/14

The Columbia Gorge Community College Budget Committee shall consist of fourteen members. The fourteen members shall consist of the seven members of the Board of Education and seven members appointed by the Board.

The Board shall attempt to appoint Budget Committee members who represent all segments of the district from business, industry, labor, male and female, and others.

The term of office for each of the seven appointed Budget Committee members is three years, with each year beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30, and with one-third of the membership rotating off the committee each year.

No paid employee of the college may be a Budget Committee member.

Budget Meetings

The quorum of the Budget Committee is eight members.

A majority vote of the total Budget Committee, eight votes, is required to pass motions.

Budget Committee members shall vote by simply stating "yes" or "no" on a motion brought before the body. The member shall have his/her vote recorded, and may have his/her reasons recorded for that vote if he/she so requests.

Meetings of the Board of Education and Budget Committee shall be adjourned by a motion and by a vote of the members, or by a declaration of adjournment by the chairman.

  1. The Budget Committee is a meeting held in public under the statute of ORS 192.660. A Public Meeting takes place in public and is open to the public.
  2. A Public Meeting does not necessarily mean that the audience enters into dialog with Budget Committee members, staff or others.
  3. The Chairman of the Budget Committee will, at various times, ask for public comment. At that time, any person in the audience may make statements or opinions about the budget or the process.
  4. Each person desiring to speak will be recognized and must contain their comments to five minutes or less.
  5. Each person will be called on only one time.
  6. Staff will not respond directly to comments from the audience, but will respond to questions from members of the Budget Committee.

Minutes of Budget Meetings

A record of all transactions of the Board of Education and the Budget Committee will be kept by the president's assistant in the official minutes file located in the President's Office as a permanent, official record of college legislation and will be open to inspection by the staff and public.

The minutes will record the name of the person making a motion, the name of the person seconding it, and the vote. Voting will be by voice. A member voting against a proposition may state his/her reasons and may have them recorded in the minutes if he/she so requests. In any motion where the vote is not unanimous, the names and votes of the Board members shall be recorded. Minutes shall be signed by the Assistant to the Board following approval by the Board.

Minutes shall be distributed within a "reasonable time" following a meeting to all college administrators and designated staff. Minutes will be mailed to the Board in the agenda and packet mailing for the next meeting.