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Namesort icon Departments Job Title Email Phone
Paula Ascher Paula Ascher Instructional Services Distance Learning and Instructional Technology Coordinator (541) 506-6035
Jim Austin Facilities Services Director of Facilities Services (541) 506-6070
Israel Ayala Israel Ayala Small Business Development Center Small Business Counseling Specialist (541) 506-6125
Jorge Basilio-Rosales Jorge Basilio-Rosales Facilities Services Custodian (541) 506-6071
James Beedie James Beedie Math Math Instructional Assistant
Teresa Beeks Teresa Beeks Bookstore Bookstore Specialist (541) 506-6061
Amanda Bernal Amanda Bernal Resource Development Administrative Assistant SBDC/RD (541) 506-6121
Bill Bohn Bill Bohn Information Technology Services Chief Technology & Planning Officer (541) 506-6090
Rebecca Brochu Rebecca Brochu Instructional Services Library Assistant I (541) 506-6000, ext. 8234
Suzanne Burd Instructional Services Community Education Coordinator/RET Program Coordinator (541) 506-6123
Peg Caliendo Advising and Career Services Career Counselor (541) 506-6024
James Cloinger James Cloinger Student Services Student Services Administrative Assistant (541) 506-6017
Michelle Cochran Michelle Cochran Advising and Career Services Student Life Advisor (541) 506-6027
Lisa Cook Lisa Cook Career & Technical Education Renewable Energy Technology Recruiter/Advisor (541) 506-6000, ext. 7158
Theresa Cruz Gorge Literacy Literacy Instructional Assistant (541) 506-6043
Shayna Dahl Shayna Dahl Advising and Career Services Advisor, Disability Resources, PASS (541) 506-6046
Lynne Davidson Lynne Davidson Financial Aid Hood River - Indian Creek Campus Administrative Assistant (541) 308-8211
Danny Dehaze Danny Dehaze Information Technology Services Online Services Specialist (541) 506-6097
Mike DeMott Mike DeMott Small Business Development Center Small Business Counseling Specialist (541) 506-6044
Lisa Deswert Lisa Deswert Business Office Controller (541) 506-6058
Richard Dunlop Richard Dunlop Facilities Services Groundskeeper (541) 506-6071
Tony Dunne Tony Dunne Instructional Services Library Assistant II (541) 506-6083
Fritz Ellett Fritz Ellett Small Business Development Center Small Business Counseling Specialist/Small Business Management Instructor (541) 506-6124
Russ Erlenbush Russ Erlenbush Facilities Services Maintenance Coordinator (541) 506-6071
Marty Fiegenbaum Marty Fiegenbaum Business Office Accounting Specialist - Accounts Payable (541) 506-6053
Brian Fix Brian Fix Facilities Services Custodian (541) 506-6071
Stephanie Gale-McKnight Stephanie Gale-McKnight Pre-College & Transfer Programs Pre-College Specialist III (541) 506-6041
Adam Gietl Adam Gietl Information Technology Services Manager of Network Services (541) 506-6095
Gail Gilliland Gail Gilliland President's Office President's Office Administrative Assistant (541) 506-6101
Jessica Griffin Conner Jessica Griffin Conner Student Services Student Services Administrative Assistant - Admissions & Enrollment (541) 506-6014
Joni Harmon Joni Harmon Bookstore Bookstore Specialist (541) 506-6061
Kella Helyer Kella Helyer Financial Aid Director of Financial Aid (541) 506-6021
Kaylene Herman Kaylene Herman Advising and Career Services Academic Advisor (541) 308-8214
Pam Hill Pam Hill Facilities Services Custodian (541) 506-6071
Steph Hoppe Steph Hoppe Resource Development Foundation Manager (541) 506-6113
Doris Jepson Doris Jepson Instructional Services Nursing Instructor/Director of Nursing and Health Occupations (541) 506-6140
Richard Jepson Information Technology Services ITS Computer Support Technician III (541) 506-6096
Angela Johnston Angela Johnston Instructional Services Nursing & Health Occupations Administrative Assistant (541) 506-6141
Courtney Judah Human Resources Human Resources Administrative Assistant (541) 506-6151
Rosalie Kelly Rosalie Kelly Bookstore Bookstore Manager (541) 506-6063
Anne Kelly Anne Kelly Gorge Literacy Adult Literacy Coordinator (541) 506-6043
Debra Kochis Facilities Services Custodian (541) 506-6071
Mary Kramer Mary Kramer Career & Technical Education Director of Career and Technical Education (541) 506-6033
Susan Lewis Susan Lewis Curriculum Office Instructional Coordinator (541) 506-6047
Rosina Loera Rosina Loera Facilities Services Custodian (541) 506-6071
Stan Loop Stan Loop Career & Technical Education Renewable Energy Technology Instructional Assistant (541) 506-6181
Mimi Maduro President's Office Career Pathways Statewide Director (541) 506-6105
Mary Martin Mary Martin Instructional Services Administrative Assistant to Chief Academic and Student Affairs Officer (541) 506-6031
Loren Mason-Gere Advising and Career Services Academic Advisor (541) 506-6066
Emily McDonald Emily McDonald Human Resources Manager of Payroll and Benefits (541) 506-6153
Kathleen McFarlane Kathleen McFarlane Child Care Partners Child Care Specialist (541) 506-6133
Jeff Nicol Jeff Nicol Small Business Development Center Regional Small Business Development Center Director (541) 506-6120
Will Norris Will Norris Business Office Chief Financial Officer (541) 506-6050
Noemi Ochoa Noemi Ochoa Child Care Partners Early Childhood Specialist (541) 506-6134
Ino Olivan Ino Olivan Facilities Services Facilities Services Manager (541) 506-6075
Nancey Patten Nancey Patten Child Care Partners Director of Childcare Resource & Referral (541) 506-6130
Tiffany Prince Tiffany Prince President's Office Administrative Assistant to the President and Board of Education (541) 506-6103
Bernardita Ramos English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Instructional Assistant (541) 506-6041
Kristen Richelderfer Kristen Richelderfer Child Care Partners Child Care Partners Administrative Assistant (541) 506-6135
Doug Roland Doug Roland Facilities Services Custodian (541) 506-6071
Dawn Sallee-Justesen Dawn Sallee-Justesen Student Services Registrar (541) 506-6028
John Schoppert John Schoppert Instructional Services Director of Library Services (541) 506-6080
Jensi Smith Jensi Smith Curriculum Office Instructional Services Administrative Assistant (541) 506-6034
Sid Spaulding Sid Spaulding Business Office Fund & Cost Accountant (541) 506-6056
Mike Taphouse Advising and Career Services Director of Advising and Career Services (541) 506-6026
Dr. Frank Toda Frank Toda President's Office President (541) 506-6103
Lori Ufford Lori Ufford Instructional Services Chief Academic & Student Affairs Officer (541) 506-6025
Robb Van Cleave Robb Van Cleave Facilities Services Chief Operating Officer (541) 506-6150
Sara Viemeister Sara Viemeister Financial Aid Financial Aid Specialist III (541) 506-6021
Ron Watrus Ron Watrus Information Technology Services Computer Support Technician - Lab Aide (541) 506-6084
Kelly Wiley Kelly Wiley Instructional Services Pre-College/ESOL & Literacy Program Instructional Assistant (541) 506-6000, ext. 8243
Cody Yeager Pre-College & Transfer Programs Director of Transfer & Pre-College Programs (541) 506-6040
Michael Zitur Michael Zitur Facilities Services Groundskeeper (541) 506-6071
Joyce Zrelak Joyce Zrelak Business Office Accounting Specialist - Accounts Receivable (541) 506-6057