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Health and Physical Education


Course Name Credits Description
HE 112 Standard First Aid and Emergency Care 1

Describes emergency procedures and techniques of basic life support for adult, child, or infant victims of airway obstruction, respiratory arrest and/or cardiac arrest. Provides education and training in Automated External Defibrillator. Upon successful completion of this course, students may earn an American Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR/AED Adult/Child and Infant CPR certificate or American Health Association equivalent. Recommend: RD 115 or equivalent placement test scores. Audit available.

HE 262 Children's Health, Nutrition & Safety 3

Explores current health and safety issues for infants and young children. Issues examined include childhood illnesses and ailments, nutrition, obesity, stress, safe environment, self esteem and general first aid. Audit available.

HPE 295 Health and Fitness for Life 3

Explores the interrelationship of the five components of physical fitness, basic nutrition concepts, and stress management activities to increase individual health and wellness. Includes lab sessions, fitness assessments, and fitness program development. Audit available.

PE 182H Adult Fitness 1

Exercises and activities which strengthen and condition specific large muscle groups, improve cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. Audit available.

PE 182J Gentle Yoga 1

Introduces techniques to better manage stress. Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic series of poses performed at a gentle pace and helps to reduce stress levels. Recommend for students with limited abilities and beginners who are not ready for Yoga I. Covers basic yoga philosophy, asanas, pranayama, meditation and relaxation for a holistic approach to better health and wellness.

PE 183R Beginning Karate I 1

Introduces a working knowledge of the fundamental techniques employed in the art of Karate‐Do. Audit available.

PE 183S Beginning Karate II 1

Progressive continuation of fundamental techniques employed in the art of Karate‐Do. Recommended: Beginning Karate I or equivalent. Audit available.

PE 184D Beginning Skiing - Alpine 1

Teaches inexperienced skiers to link turns together with control on beginning and beginning/intermediate terrain. Introduces the fun of downhill skiing and emphasizes skills necessary to ski safely on appropriate terrain. Addresses the variables of weather and snow conditions. Audit available.

PE 184E Intermediate Skiing - Alpine 1

Continues improvement in safe, enjoyable skiing for students capable of beginning wedge christies. Includes skidded parallel turns of varying radii with control on intermediate and beginning/advanced terrain. Addresses variables of weather, snow conditions, and terrain. Recommended: PE 184D or equivalent. Audit available.

PE 184I Beginning Snowboarding 1

Introduces basic skills necessary for safe and fun snowboarding on appropriate terrain. Includes training in skidded turns with control on beginning and beginning/intermediate terrain. Addresses variables of weather and snow conditions. Audit available.

PE 184J Intermediate Snowboarding 1

Continues refinement of basic snowboarding skills. Covers how to link beginning carved turns with rhythm and control on intermediate and beginning-advanced terrain. Stresses safe boarding with improvement in skill applications. Addresses variables of weather and snow conditions. Recommended: PE 184I or equivalent. Audit available.

PE 185K Ultimate Frisbee 1

Provides instruction in skills, drills and game play for the game of Ultimate Frisbee. Students will learn the rules, strategy team play as well as concept of team organization. Audit available.

Faculty and Staff

Namesort icon Title Email Phone
Byron Akita Karate Instructor
Trampus Bringman Adult Fitness Instructor
Julie Cantrell Adult Fitness Instructor (541) 506-6031
Gretchen Hansen Adult Fitness Instructor (541) 506-6031
Andrew Hughes Health Instructor (541) 506-6031
Shannon Red Cloud Shannon Red Cloud Yoga Instructor (541) 506-6031