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Course Name Credits Description
CH 100 Everyday Chemistry with Lab 4

Introduces chemistry related topics pertaining to everyday life. Includes topics such as renewable energy, clean air and water and global climate change using a relatively nonmathematical approach. Includes atomic/molecular structure, the periodic table, chemical bonding, intermolecular forces, chemical reactions, acids/bases and the social and environmental role of chemistry. Recommended for non-science majors to fulfill the Gen Ed science with lab requirement. Prerequisites: MTH 20 or equivalent placement test scores. Prerequisite/concurrent: WR 121. Audit available.

CH 121 General Chemistry I 5

Explores the general principles of chemistry; atomic structure, mole concept, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, and gas laws. This is the first course of a three course sequence. Designed for transfer students or those in a health science program, e.g. Nursing, or for a laboratory science elective. Prerequisite/Concurrent: MTH 95 or equivalent placement test scores, WR 121. Audit available.

CH 122 General Chemistry II 5

Includes stoichiometry, gases, oxidation-reduction, acid-base concepts, equilibrium, physical and chemical properties of solutions, nuclear chemistry, and organic hydrocarbons. This is the second course in a three course sequence. Prerequisite: CH 121. Audit available.

CH 123 General Chemistry III 5

Includes fundamental principles of organic chemistry and biochemical processes. This is the third course of a three course sequence. Prerequisite: CH 122. Audit available.

CH 221 General Chemistry I 5

Introduces measurements, classification and properties of matter, nomenclature, atomic structure and modern atomic theory, periodic table and chemical periodicity, and chemical bonding. This is the first course in a three course sequence. Recommended for chemistry and other natural science majors, and paraprofessional majors in engineering, medicine and dentistry. Recommended: Successful completion of a high school or a college chemistry class with a lab component in the last 3 years. Prerequisite/concurrent: WR 121, MTH 111. Audit available.

CH 222 General Chemistry II 5

Introduces stoichiometry; chemical reactions and equations; thermo chemistry; physical states of matter including properties of gases, liquids, solids and solutions; an introduction to organic chemistry; and chemical kinetics. This is the second course in a three course sequence. Prerequisite: CH 221. Audit available.

CH 223 General Chemistry III 5

Introduces acid-base chemistry, ionic equilibria; electrochemistry; nuclear chemistry; thermodynamics; and descriptive chemistry topics. Special topics will be included as time and interest allows. This is the third course in a three course sequence. Prerequisite: CH 222. Audit available.

Faculty and Staff

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Robert Kovacich Robert Kovacich Chemistry Instructor (541) 506-6174