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Executive Leadership Team


Tiffany Prince
Administrative Assistant to the President and Board of Education, (541) 506-6103

Functions of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

  • Recommends operational procedures, creating an environment conducive to implementation of work plans.
  • Ensures work plans are integrated and interfaced effectively with daily operations.
  • Initiates recommendations for operational and programmatic improvements.
  • Reviews operational issues of mutual concern and makes operational decisions when appropriate.
  • Provides leadership in the dissemination and communication of college plans (Academic Master Plan, Facilities Master Plan, Strategic Plan, etc.).
  • Shares governance as a clearinghouse of policy initiatives presented by all levels. Recommends policy when appropriate. Assures the alignment and integration of all college key function areas (KFAs).
  • Serves as the main counsel and advisory board to the President.  Recommends policy, operational, and programmatic action to the President.  (Not a voting body.)
  • Serves as a communication filter for internal college constituents.

ELT Members

Namesort icon Title Email Phone
Bill Bohn Chief Technology & Planning Officer (541) 506-6090
Will Norris Chief Financial Officer (541) 506-6050
Frank Toda President (541) 506-6103
Lori Ufford Chief Academic & Student Affairs Officer (541) 506-6025
Robb Van Cleave Chief Operating Officer (541) 506-6150