College Prep Program

College Prep classes help:

  • Prepare for or improve scores on college placement tests
  • Develop reading comprehension skills and strategies
  • Renew or increase math skills
  • Develop writing composition and grammar skills

New Student Orientation (required)

Pre-college students are required to attend a new student orientation during the start or middle of the term. Schedule an appointment to attend a new student orientation.

  • The Dalles Campus, call (541) 506-7165
  • Hood River - Indian Creek Campus, call (541) 308-8243

Open Lab


Name Title Email Phone
Brook Maurer Brook Maurer Pre-College and Career Guidance Instructor (541) 506-6178
Emily Kohner Emily Kohner Pre-College Writing Instructor (541) 506-6041
Franceina Brackenbury Franceina Brackenbury Reading & Pre-College Instructor, Department Chair (541) 506-6179
Janette Stanley Janette Harrington Pre-College Instructor (541) 506-6041
Julie Belmore Julie Belmore Reading, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) (541) 506-6041
Mary (Katy) Jablonski Mary (Katy) Jablonski Pre College Reading & Writing
Melissa Bickle Pre-College Math Instructor (541) 506-6041
Patrick Rawson Patrick Rawson Pre-College Programs Instructor (541) 506-6000