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Medical Assisting

Medical assisting is a one-year certificate where students will receive training which involves administrative and clinical aspects of health care in clinics and physicians' offices.

Clinical Duties

  • Assisting the physician and preparing patients for examinations and treatment.
  • Taking and recording vital signs and medical histories.
  • Performing certain diagnostic tests.
  • Preparing, administering and documenting medications.
  • Collecting and processing specimens.

Administrative Duties

  • Scheduling and receiving patients
  • Maintaining medical records.
  • Handling telephone calls.
  • Correspondence and reports.
  • Insurance matters.
  • Office accounts.
  • Fees and collections.


College entry-level competencies in English and computational skills. Completion of: WR 121, MTH 60, BI 121, MP 111


Course Name Credits Description
MA 112 Medical Office Assistant 1 1

Explores personal ethics and understanding of self-awareness, communications skills, and work ethics in both personal and professional environments; emphasis is on attitude, time management, and goal setting.

MA 117 Medical Office Administrative Procedures 3

Introduces medical office administrative procedures with emphasis on patient reception, appointment scheduling, telephone techniques, mail handling, financial records, accounts receivable and payable, insurance, office management, and medical records management. Corequisite: MA 118 & MA 180.

MA 118 Medical Office Administrative Procedures Lab 2

Computer simulation of the medical office administrative procedures covered in MA 117 with emphasis on patient registration, appointment scheduling, medical insurance, posting of charges and payments to a patient’s account, billing and collections, hospital rounds and release of records authorizations. Corequisite: MA 117.

MA 122 Medical Office Assistant 2 1

Examines communication and professionalism in the role of the medical assistant with emphasis on verbal and non-verbal communication, patient education and communicating wellness. Prerequisites: MA 112.

MA 123 Medical Office Clinical Procedures 3

Covers examination room techniques, assisting the physician with examination, treatment, minor surgery, methods of asepsis and sterilization, and the proper care of equipment and supplies. Prerequisite: MP 111, BI 122 or BI 233, MTH 60 and placement into RD 115 and WR 115. Concurrent enrollment MA 124.

MA 124 Medical Office Clinical Procedures Lab 2

Practice and demonstrate proficiency in the procedures listed under MA123. Examination room techniques, assisting the physician with examination, treatment and minor surgery.  Covers methods of asepsis and sterilization and the proper care of equipment and supplies. Corequisite MA 123.

MA 131 Pathophysiology for the Medical Assistant 5

Explores concepts of disease processes as they relate to the normal physiology of the major body systems, including: etiology, signs and symptoms of disease, treatment options and methods of evaluating cause and effect of diseases as it relates to the role of the medical assistant. Enrollment limited to those in the Medical Assisting program.

MA 132 Medical Office Assistant 3 1

Presents an introduction to community resources, an overview of the process and requirements of the directed practice, and a review for the national credential examination. Prerequisites: MA 122.

MA 136 Medications 2

Introduces drug therapy with emphasis on safety and classifications of common drugs and their actions, appropriate drug uses, effects, dangers and precautions. Covers routes of medication administration, management and control. Reviews common prescription abbreviations, forms of medications and basic drug categories. Prerequisites: MA 123, MA 124, MP 111 and admission to the MA program.

MA 180 Coding and Reimbursement 2

Introduces CPT, ICD and HCPCS coding and reimbursement systems for physician offices and medical clinics. Prerequisite: MP111; Corequisite: MA117

MA 270 Clinical Practicum 6

Practice administrative skills and clinical skills in a medical clinic/physician office setting. Department permission required.

MLT 100 Medical Office Laboratory Procedures 4

Introduces clinical laboratory principles and procedures commonly performed in the physician's office setting, including phlebotomy, specimen collection and handling, urinalysis, basic hematology, chemistry, serology, microbiology and quality control. Prerequisites: MP 111; BI 122 or BI 233.

MP 140 Introduction to Health Law and Ethics 3

Introduces the legal aspects, code of ethics and policy issues relevant to health care. Emphasizes confidential communications, advanced directives, consents, professional liability, medical malpractice, release of information, case studies and the professional code of ethics for medical assistants.  Includes concepts of professional credentialing and responsibility, liability and working within legal/ethical boundaries. Prerequisites: WR115, RD115, and MTH 20 or equivalent placement test scores.

MP 150 Introduction to Electronic Health Records 3

Introduces basic concepts of use and maintenance of an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system.  Provides exposure to basic navigation of an EHR.  Explores issues around privacy, security, government regulations and ethical legal aspects of the health information technology environment. Recommended: CAS133. Prerequisite: MP111.

Faculty and Staff

Namesort icon Title Email Phone
Darlene Hayes Darlene Hayes Medical Assistant Instructor (541) 506-6141
Angela Johnston Angela Jones Nursing & Health Occupations Administrative Assistant (541) 506-6141
Diana Lee-Greene Diana Lee-Greene Medical Assisting Program Coordinator (541) 506-6164