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New Director of Transfer & Pre-College Programs Embraces Big Role on CGCC Campus

March 13, 2014

Cody Yeager brings serious experience and enthusiasm to Columbia Gorge Community College’s instructional department.

With the recent independent accreditation of Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC), there’s no doubt that its near future will encompass a lot of change and growth. So to help provide sustainable direction and effectively develop the college to its fullest potential, Cody Yeager has recently been hired as director of transfer and pre-college programs.

Yeager, who most recently worked for 15 years at Central Oregon Community College, brings a rich background in college administration, strategic planning and diversity development to the position. But that’s not all. In addition to these and other professional achievements—including military, university teaching and tribal education leadership experiences—Yeager’s extreme passion for helping colleges in transition and her love for professional challenges undoubtedly played a role in her hiring, she says. What’s more, she also was ecstatic about relocating to the gorgeous Columbia Gorge region and making The Dalles her new home.

“I am just incredibly enthusiastic about CGCC’s future and, even during the interview, I just kept clapping my hands because I was so excited about the possibilities—I just knew I could help,” Yeager says. “CGCC is in a transition period, moving from being a small to a medium-sized college. It’s poised for great growth, but it’s no secret that the work is going to become much more intense and require great focus. I’ve got expertise in helping with the processes and procedures that will be needed, plus I’ve got the energy and passion that’s also so critical for success. I’m just thrilled that I was chosen. It’s a really great fit.”

Yeager started her new job with CGCC in January. As Director of Transfer and Pre-College Programs, she will play a leadership role with the Arts/Theater, Business, English as a Second Language (ESL), and Pre-College/GED departments. Specifically, these departments will report to Yeager and look to her for program planning, communications coordination and general leadership support. In addition, she’ll head up the dual-enrollment program for high school students attending CGCC and work on various committees for strategic planning and diversity.

“Cody has a big job before her, but we’re totally confident that she’s the right person to help CGCC as it heads into what we think will be historic times for the college,” says Lori Ufford, CGCC’s chief academic and student affairs officer. “She’s spirited, smart and has all the specific skills and proficiencies needed to not just fill this role but to provide very beneficial support to all of us as we work together in shaping the college’s future.”

In December, when Yeager got the CGCC job offer, she embraced both the job and moving to The Dalles. She immediately put her Redmond Ore., home on the market—it sold in three days.

Says Yeager, “My house selling so quickly was like a sign—this CGCC job was meant to be!”

Today, if she’s not hunkered down at the college, helping plot and plan for CGCC’s bright future, you might spot Yeager out and about the Gorge, enjoying the great outdoors or perhaps kayaking with her fearless furry friends, dogs Johnny Cash and Radar.