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Gorge Health Connect and Columbia Gorge Community College Collaborate on Electronic Health Records Workshop


Suzanne Burd
Community Education Coordinator/RET Program Coordinator, (541) 506-6123

October 15, 2012

Gorge Health Connect, Inc. is pleased to sponsor an Electronic Health Record workshop for healthcare students, workforce, and caregivers of the Mid-Columbia Region.  In collaboration with Columbia Gorge Community College, Gorge Health Connect (GHC) received a grant from the Tides Foundation to introduce participants to electronic documentation in a healthcare field. 

Topics covered include a history of modern healthcare and technology, health information (IT) privacy and security, financial incentives for the use of health IT, documentation practices, patient safety, and more.  Students will practice skills in role-based activities such as clinician, nurse, and medical assistant using an actual electronic health record.  Student progress will be assessed through multiple-choice self-assessments.

The workshop meets Saturday, October 27, from 8am to 5pm at Columbia Gorge Community College. Pre-registration is required by calling CGCC at (541) 506-6011. The cost for the workshop is $59 and includes lunch.

Gorge Health Connect (GHC), is a health information exchange (HIE) that connects hospitals, federally qualified health clinics, primary care providers (PCPs), specialists, public health and others.  GHC has launched a Direct Project Pilot, one of the first in the nation, which is an important step in realizing the federal government’s goal of a connected healthcare system that encompasses all providers.  The goal of GHC’s pilot is to support existing referral patterns in the Columbia River Gorge area with secure transport of health information.  The pilot focuses on routing referrals, summary care records and results between PCPs and specialists; transmitting PCP referrals and summary care records to hospitals; and sending discharge information from hospitals back to referring PCPs.