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Katie Sullivan

Sociology Instructor, (804) 231-1408


Katie Sullivan holds a MS degree in Sociology from Portland State University. Her focus in graduate school was on quantitative analysis and her master’s thesis was about the career paths of sociology majors who graduated from PSU.

In 2001 Katie was deployed to New York City as part of a federal disaster team to work on 9/11 at the medical examiner’s office. Her two week rotation turned into a much longer stay and when the identification process was completed, she and her husband (Francis, who also teaches at CGCC), rather than returning to Oregon, moved to Katie’s hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

Katie and her husband have a young daughter, Imogen, who was adopted through the foster care system in Virginia. Katie works primarily from home, teaching online at colleges in Virginia as well as in Oregon. She’s taught at CGCC for over ten years.


Portland State University

Master of Science in Sociology, 1996
Bachelor of Art Psychology, 1991