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Instructional Council

Instructional Council contributes to the quality of education at Columbia Gorge Community College as the deliberative group on instructional matters, making recommendations to the Chief Academic & Student Affairs Officer on the planning, delivery, and assessment of instructional programs services.

Namesort icon Departments Job Title Email Phone
Cody Yeager Pre-College & Transfer Programs Director of Transfer & Pre-College Programs (541) 506-6040
Grace Windsheimer Grace Windsheimer Career & Technical Education Computer Applications/Office Systems Instructor (541) 506-6034
Lori Ufford Lori Ufford Instructional Services Chief Academic & Student Affairs Officer (541) 506-6025
Tim Schell Tim Schell Writing, Literature, & Foreign Language Literature and Writing Instructor (541) 506-6171
Dan Ropek Dan Ropek Science Biology Instructor (541) 506-6173
Megan Montgomery Megan Montgomery English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) English for Speakers of Other Languages (541) 506-6000, ext. 7160
Susan Lewis Susan Lewis Curriculum Office Instructional Coordinator (541) 506-6047
Diana Lee-Greene Diana Lee-Greene Nursing & Health Occupations Medical Assisting Program Coordinator (541) 506-6164
Mary Kramer Mary Kramer Career & Technical Education Director of Career and Technical Education (541) 506-6033
Joel Kabakov Joel Kabakov Arts & Humanities Music Instructor (541) 506-6031
John Evans John Evans Math Mathematics Instructor (541) 506-6172
John Copp Social Science History, Political Science Instructor (541) 506-6000, ext. 7181
Franceina Brackenbury Franceina Brackenbury Pre-College & Transfer Programs Reading & Pre-College Instructor (541) 506-6179
Paula Ascher Paula Ascher Instructional Services Distance Learning and Instructional Technology Coordinator (541) 506-6035