Dr. James Willcox

Board Member, CGCC Board of Education
Position 2, Wasco County, Vice-Chair


Dr. James Willcox has been a board member for over 30 years, representing Wasco County. After moving to The Dalles in 1971, and setting up an orthodontic practice, Dr. Willcox began to work to bring higher education to The Dalles. Dr. Willcox was instrumental in developing the Wasco County Area Education Service District, and was elected as a member of the first community Board of Education. Dr. Willcox was very hands-on in establishing the new district - partnering with Portland Community College and the local school districts, hiring an administrator and staff, and locating office and classroom space. Having met these initial goals, Dr. Willcox pushed to establish a local community college, now known as Columbia Gorge Community College.

The successful function of the college has always been a very high priority for Dr. Willcox and he has remained on the Board to see that the college continues to succeed. He has served as the Board Chair and/or Vice Chair ten times and has worked diligently to see that education-related bonds pass. In 2005, Dr. Willcox received the Howard Cherry Award for Outstanding Community College Board Member. Dr. Willcox has been a proponent of higher education his entire life. He holds an undergraduate degree and several graduate degrees and certificates.