Dr. Ernie Keller

Board Member, CGCC Board of Education
Position 5, Wasco County, OCCA Representative


Dr. Ernest Keller has been a member of the Board since 2001, representing Wasco County. For over 28 years Dr. Keller has been on the College Board and/or the budget committee. Dr. Keller’s retired from public educational administration in 2000, after 34 years of also teaching at elementary, middle, high school and university positions.

Since retirement he has formed a property development company called E & G Keller Development LLC, registered in Oregon and Washington. The company buys, develops and manages real estate for rental and sale. Some other select community roles over the years have been:  Wasco County Planning Commission chair during the Rajneesh era; The vice chair of The Oregon Consortium for workforce and economic development in Oregon’s 27 rural counties; And he was also The Regional Coordinator for Career and Vocational in the Mid-Columbia five county region and held several school superintendent and principal positions in Wasco county.

Dr. Keller was the 2009-10 President of the Oregon Community College Association (OCCA). This organization for Oregon’s 17 community colleges is a council of governments agency with the mission of furthering their ongoing interests. This is accomplished by collaborating and arriving at consensus on important issues impacting the colleges. Dr. Keller is also a board member of the Mid-Columbia Child and Family Center. This agency provides service for emotionally Handicapped children in the region. 

Dr. Keller has witnessed all of the college’s 30 years of progress. He has stated that as a district and regional school administrator, “I have appreciated that the college has had outstanding community support and has the expertise, professionalism, and leadership to meet the existing and emerging educational and workforce needs of the Mid-Columbia.”