Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree

Credits: 90
Degree planning worksheet

The Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) Degree is typically the best choice for students who plan to transfer to a college or university in the Oregon University System. Students who have completed this degree and are accepted will be admitted as having completed all lower division comprehensive and general education requirements for a baccalaureate degree.

Candidates for the AAOT degree must satisfy the General Education Requirements and Associate Degree Comprehensive Requirements Limits and meet all the degree-specific requirements listed here.

Students transfering under this agreement will have junior status for registration purposes. Course, class standing or GPA, and requirements for specific majors, departments or schools are not necessarily satisfied by an AAOT degree.

All courses should be aligned with the student’s intended program of study and the degree requirements of the baccalaureate institution to which the student plans to transfer.

Core Requirements

Requirements Credits Courses Which Satisfy Requirements
Writing* 8 WR121 and either WR 122 or WR227. A student must have at least 8 credits of Writing.
Math 4 MTH 105 or higher
Oral Communications/ Rhetoric 4 COMM 111
Health/Wellness/Fitness 3 Choose from: HPE 295 or 3 PE courses (1 credit each for a total of 3 credits)
Cultural Literacy 3 Choose from list of acceptable Cultural Literacy courses. The course may be from any area and may also count as part of the overall distribution requirement.
*The Information Literacy requirement is satisfied by successful completion of the Writing courses.

Requirements for AAOT degree

General Education Requirements

All candidates must complete at least 11 Academic Discipline studies courses from the list of approved general education courses:

  • Arts & Letters: complete 3 courses from two subject areas
  • Social Sciences: Complete 4 courses from two subject areas
  • Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science: Complete 4 courses from two subject areas (including 3 laboratory courses in biological and/or physical science)

A course may count towards core requirements or discipline studies, but not both.

AAOT Elective Credit Requirements

All candidates must complete elective credits to meet the overall requirement of 90 credits for this degree. Elective credits may include any lower division collegiate courses (courses level of 100 or higher). A maximum of 12 credits of CTE courses may be applied. 1-credit MSD workshops may not be applied.