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David Zimbelman

Geology Instructor, (541) 506-6031


David teaches 'Volcanoes and Their Activity' (G 208) at Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC). The Columbia River Gorge is a wonderful place to study volcanoes. From the Oregon coast, through the gorge, and underlying the vast Pasco basin are the Columbia River Basalts, a world-class example of continental flood basalts.

The presently-active Yellowstone geothermal feature is driven by the hot spot source of these basalts and the Snake River plain reflects the relative movement of the hot spot to the east.

Towering above the gorge are the high Cascade volcanoes, including Mount Hood, Mount Adams, and Mount St. Helens in our immediate vicinity. Natural hazards associated with these volcanoes are varied but real and risks associated with the hazards can be mitigated through a better understanding of the volcanoes’ potential behaviors.


University of Colorado

Doctorate in Geological Studies, 1996
Master of Science in Geological Studies, 1984

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Science in Geological Studies, 1978