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Environments and Curriculum in Early Care and Ed II

Course Number: ECE 123
Transcript Title: Environments and Curriculum II
Created: September 1, 2012
Updated: September 25, 2013
Total Credits: 4
Lecture Hours: 40
Lecture / Lab Hours: 0
Lab Hours: 0
Satisfies Cultural Literacy requirement: No
Satisfies General Education requirement: No
Grading options: A-F (default), P-NP, audit


ECE 122

Course Description

This course explores the use of developmentally and culturally appropriate practices in creating physical and social environments and curriculum for children six weeks to six years in home or center-based programs. Theories of play and early care and education are employed to plan and implement environments and curriculum for children. Students plan, implement, and evaluate environments and curriculum for young children. Prerequisite: ECE 122. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Select, analyze, and present materials, equipment, toys, games, and software for children of different ages, cultures, families, and so forth.
  2. Choose strategies, approaches, and tools that promote learning in environments and curriculum for young children.
  3. Analyze, adapt, and modify routines and schedules to enable individuals and groups of children to experience success and a sense of competence.
  4. Observe, analyze, adapt and modify curriculum activities that are based on emergent, theme- and skill-based approaches.
  5. Employ lesson planning and webbing to plan and implement developmentally and culturally appropriate environments and curricula.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)