Photography and Photoshop Classes

August 16, 2013

Interested in learning more about digital photography? Columbia Gorge Community College is offering Non-credit photography and Photoshop classes starting in September. Explore the many possibilities your digital SLR has to offer. The Digital SLR Photography class will include: discussions on white balance and its importance to color corrections, exposure and how to get detail in the highlights, working with computer software to simplify the workflow, and how to best use light to create a beautiful photo. It will also cover photography with flash and hot-lights, as well as multiple exposures. There will possibly be a local field trip, depending on weather conditions. Students must have a Digital SLR for this class. Tuition is $79

The Advanced Photography's prerequisite is to have participated in the Photography for the Digital SLR, or to have instructor approval. If you are interesting in taking your photography to the next level, this class is for you. This class is about understanding the relationships between the quantity of light, the camera, and focal length of a lens. Using the hand-held light meter, the student will problem solve various lighting scenarios as well as  depth-of-field problems. The proper means of metering will be taught with regards to type of light, direction of light and camera relationship to subject to light direction. Student must bring a hand held light meter to class. Optional textbook is available from instructor. Tuition is $59. 

For photographers who are interested in learning more about software to edit photos, there will also be an Introduction to Photoshop course. Designed for hobbyist, graphic designers, and photographers alike, this course introduces students to the Photoshop CS5 program and to image editing techniques. Lessons are instructor–led with each lesson concentrating on a specific project designed to teach students how to do such things as fix underexposed and overexposed pictures, fix damaged pictures, adjust colors in images, combine disparate images into one image composite and much more. Students will come away with a solid understanding of Photoshop program fundamentals and the ability to freely composite any image. Tuition is $79.

Discounts and waivers do not apply. Online schedule and registration information can be found at: For more information and to register, please contact Student Service at (541) 506-6011