Non Credit Computer Courses for Fall 2013

August 16, 2013

If you’d like to sharpen your computer skills, Columbia Gorge Community College has just the ticket for you. This Fall 2013 term, CGCC will again offer the popular Computer Basics, Excel, Facebook, Internet and WordPress courses. The Non-credit Computer Basics courses cover such topics as beginning computer concepts and skills, with hands-on instruction for how to use the Internet safely, browsers from Microsoft & Mozilla, malware, word processing, locating files, organizing your hard drive, and more.  The Intro to Excel class covers how to create a worksheet, enter data, use formulas and more.

In the Email Basics course students will gain an understanding of what email programs are available, how to sign up, how to write to more than one person, the proper way to forward a message, how to attach photos, and how to avoid spam and junk mail. Other courses will help novice users learn new skills. The Facebook Ins and Outs/Dos and Don'ts will help users connect and share with the people in their lives.  It will addess the risks and dangers. Instructor will cover the basics of how to use it but also how how to control your private information. It will cover other ways to share – including photo, video and file sharing sites. The Internet Search: Basics and Beyond covers such things as how to track down an address or a phone number, check out a view of the neighborhood for any address, and even how to search for recipes by the ingredients you have on hand. Find conversions, calculations, definitions, grammar, synonyms, how much a car trip will cost,or a nice poem to send to a friend. 

The WordPress course will help users build and maintain a website. WordPress is the world’s most popular online site building software
package and has evolved to be a very simple yet full featured solution for building or updating a website. If you can type and point & click, you
can use WordPress to update your site, add content, add photos, and more. WordPress is open source, which means it’s free. This is a fast paced
course which will include optional nightly 5-minute homework assignments. Each student is provided their own WordPress site to work on.

Class days and times vary. First class begins September 24th. Check CGCC’s fall schedule for more details. Online schedule and registration information can be found at:

For more information and to register, please contact the college at (541) 506-6011.