Oregon's Quality Rating and Improvement System Launches Statewide

March 12, 2014

Exciting News! Oregon’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) has just launched statewide! Programs in our community are now able to sign-up for Increasing Quality Training sessions. This is a free training that will provide you with information you need on how to participate in the QRIS and benefits to your program for participation.

Oregon’s QRIS is a voluntary system that recognizes, rewards and builds on what early childhood education programs are already doing well. Participating programs are given access to free tools, financial incentives and professional advice that they can put into practice to ensure the best outcomes for the children in their programs.

The QRIS uses a set of progressively higher program standards to both support improvement and to evaluate the quality of licensed child care and early learning programs.

The system has five tiers, starting with licensure as the baseline. Programs receive support in the initial stages, and additional incentive as they move up. It uses a building block approach that give programs the strong foundation they need at each stage to move successively on to the next.

Programs use portfolios to document their progress against the QRIS standards. Portfolios employ a variety of evidence, including data, documentation, reports, observations, and expert reviews.

Benefits to participating in the QRIS:

$1000-$2000 Support funds to complete QRIS process

Free training, web based resources, and individualized support for your program

Incentives based on QRIS level achieved:

$500-$2500 for star levels achieved

Early Bird Bonus:

Submit a completed portfolio by June 30, 2014 and receive an early achiever bonus.

To register for an Increasing Quality Training or for more information, contact Child Care Partners.