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Pathfinder Career and Transfer Center Frequently Asked Questions

I have no idea what career to pursue. Can you help me?

Yes! The Pathfinder Career Center offers self-assessments that can help you learn more about your personality, interests, skills and values. You can also learn what occupations that might be interesting to you. Our career counselor can help you further understand your assessment results and guide you in researching occupations and educational programs.

What is a self-assessment?

A self-assessment is tool, either online or paper, to help you discover more about yourself. Our assessments focus on interests, skills, personality and values. By understanding these things about you, you can make career choices that will be a good fit!

Contact us to schedule your assesment.

Will my CGCC credits transfer to other colleges or universities?

In most cases, yes, but careful planning is necessary! See an advisor, as soon as possible, if you intend to transfer to another college or a training program.

An advisor will help you to:

  • Select possible transfer colleges, univerisities or training programs based on your career goals.
  • Determine which courses you will need and choose courses that will be transferable. 
  • Research application and scholarship deadlines.

I plan to transfer. What degree should I choose?

Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) offers several transfer degrees: 

You must work closely with an advisor to insure the transferability of your degree.

Students pursuing a bachelor's degree in engineering should plan to transfer after one year at CGCC, rather than pursue a transfer degree. Contact an academic advisor for help with transfer planning.