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Textbook Rental

When you view the booklist you now have the option to rent new and used, along with buying new and used books on selected titles for a term. Renting a new book will cost more than renting a used book.

By providing us with your email address and/or phone number you will receive alerts concerning the rental return due date.

Fill out the form below for each book that you would like to rent. The bookstore staff will contact you within 48 business hours to confirm your rental is available. If the book is available we will hold it for 24 hours after you have been notified. When you pick-up your book you will sign a copy of the agreement and also pay for your book, if you are not charging your book rental to your financial aid.


Can I charge the rental to my financial aid?

Yes, you can use your financial aid to pay the rental fee.

Can I get a refund on a rented book if I decide I don’t want it or if I drop the class?

Yes. Refunds for rented textbooks will be treated in the same manner as refunds for purchased textbooks. Refunds are allowed through the first week of class. Please check the website for exact dates. New rental books must still be in new condition for a full refund. Receipts are required forb ALL refunds.

Can I use a highlighter in my rental books?

Minimal highlighting and marking is allowed. If marks are excessive (more than a few pages) you will be charged the difference between the rental and purchase prices.

What if I decide I want to keep a rented book?

Great! All you need to do is bring the book back by the close of business on the last day of final exams and we will charge you the difference between the rental and purchase price of the new or used book you rented.

Why isn’t the book for my class available for rent?

Not all classes will have rental books available, in addition the rental program is new and we are working on adding more titles each term.


* Required

Terms of Agreement for Fall 2015 Term:

  1. Book(s) rented under this program are as listed on final receipt at check out.
  2. Book(s) rented under this program must be returned to The Dalles Campus Bookstore no later than the first business day after finals week or Tuesday December 14th.
  3. The books rented under this program are the property of Columbia Gorge Community College Bookstore.
  4. Columbia Gorge Community College will charge me for the full replacement price of the textbook (difference between purchase price and rental fee already paid) plus a processing fee of $15.00 if they are not returned by the check in date. This charge will be billed to my student account. All past due balances will be sent to the Oregon Department of Revenue for collection. Additional collection fees will be added to your account. All unpaid accounts will be placed on financial hold restricting future registration, grades and transcripts.
  5. Columbia Gorge Community College will charge me for the full replacement price of the textbook (difference between purchase price and rental fee already paid) for books with water damage, excessive writing/highlighting, torn bindings, and/or other significant damage as determined by the CGCC Bookstore staff.

As a registered student at Columbia Gorge Community College, I have chosen to enter into a textbook rental agreement with the CGCC Bookstore. I have read and fully understand the provisions and "Terms of Agreement" as outlined above by paying for a rental at the bookstore, I agree to adhere to all conditions and terms as stated.