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20.C - College Operations

Board Policy Code: 20.C
Adopted: 06/10/14
Revised/Readopted: Combined into one policy 06/10/14

Chief Executive Officer

The title of "President" shall be used by the chief administrator of Columbia Gorge Community College.

The president is the college's chief executive officer and has, under the Board of Education's direction, general supervision of all programs, personnel and activities of the college. The president is responsible for managing the college under the Board's policies and is accountable to the Board for that management.

The president may delegate to other personnel the exercise of any powers and the discharge of any duties imposed upon the president by these policies. Delegation of power or duty, however, will not relieve the president of responsibility for action taken under such delegation.

Annual Report

The President will prepare an annual report covering the activities of the college and submit that report to the Board of Education. Upon approval by the Board, the report may be made available to the public and used to inform citizens of the programs and conditions of the college.

Line and Staff Relations

The Board of Education expects the president to establish a clear understanding of working relationships in the college with all personnel.

Lines of direct authority will be those approved by the president and shown on college organization charts.

Personnel will be expected to refer matters requiring administrative action to the administrator to whom they are responsible. That administrator will refer such matters to the next higher administrative authority when necessary. Additionally, all personnel are expected to keep the person to whom they are immediately responsible informed of their activities by whatever means the person in charge deems appropriate.

Lines of authority should not restrict the cooperative working relationship of all staff members in developing the best possible college programs and services. The established lines of authority represent direction of authority and responsibility. When the staff is working together, the lines represent avenues for a two-way flow of ideas to improve the program and operations of the college.

President's Compensation and Benefits

The compensation and benefits for the position of president will be fixed by the Board of Education, based upon the responsibilities required of the president in performing his/her duties. The amount of compensation and types of benefits will be set forth in the president's employment contract.

President's Evaluation

A formal evaluation of the president shall take place each year at the January Board of Education meeting. It will be pre-determined whether the Board will follow the same procedure as in previous years or if a new procedure will be implemented. Every effort shall be made to have the evaluation be a two-way communication.